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The story of LABBET

LABBET is the passion project made by a struggling Instagram husband that ended up helping creative people around the world with their aesthetic content.

LABBET is built by the Swedish Instagram husband Pontus. He felt that there was something missing on the market. Something better, that lived up to his needs. ”I wanted something that’s tech-y on the inside, but trendy on the outside.” And at the same time super simple to use. But there was just one little problem – he had never built a photo app before, nonetheless developed advanced editing tools or filters…  But after some help from a friend who was a professional photographer they started taking small steps together on how to figure it out and after some hiccups they finally managed to build a first version with a few filters and some of the tools he envisioned. The more the duo used the app their passion grew and they started to see a future where it could help creative people around the world share highly aesthetic content without the struggle.

Something the competition can’t copy

There are tons of photo editing apps out there – and we have used them all. For years. Pontus as a full-time Instagram husband and Dennis has been working as a professional photographer for over 10 years, capturing destination weddings, fashion and portraits. Simply put we are both experienced content creators. What we also have in common is that we are both born and raised in Scandinavia which is famous for its ”Scandinavian design” aesthetics which we both find inspiring in everything we do. And that’s something we try to incorporate into LABBET’s design and features. We don’t want to copy what already exist on the market, we want to take advantage of our heritage and create something the competition can’t copy (well they can try, but… good luck!). 

What you can except from LABBET

We focus on two things mainly at LABBET. The first thing is making it easy for anyone to create professional looking edits. The other one is having tools and effects that is super advanced ”behind-the-scenes” but easy to apply for the users. We want to take the tools and effects to new heights by adding custom layers to the tools and effects that will give it that unique look. There are a lot of standard tools and effects that’s pretty easy for us to use but that mean we would offer what our competition is already using and that’s not something we want to do. We don’t want to be technical in anyway but as an example our Film Grain effect is built with multiple layers of different effects so we can mimic how real film grain behave. It’s the same with our Motion Blur effect, we manipulate layers and combine them with advanced technical solution to give you that authentic look.

The Future of LABBET

We work hard to update LABBET every week. It’s possible for us to make updates often as we have the developers in the team. Compared to many of our competitors who hire consultants we can work really fast and update quickly if we notice any issues or want to launch a new feature. Your comeback is always welcome and we love to hear from you so we can continue to develop LABBET in a way that will make us the best photo editing app in the world.

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